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August 1, 2022: An amazing review from Joshua Gage at the legendary Cemetery Dance magazine on their review page.

July 25, 2022: The Limited Edition Copies are quickly selling out.

Here is an honest review from writer Alan D.D from The Wild Hunt - review link.

The Hermetic Library Blog posted a lovely feature here. 

July 19, 2022: The first review is out and I can’t tell you how amazing it is for it to be by one of the world’s most renowned experts on rare and esoteric works: Denis Poisson at Foolish Fish.

July 8, 2022: My lyrical drama, Endymion or The State of Entropy is now available. This is a mythological portrait of my struggle for self-actualization to integrate the conscious with the unconscious. Or to put it in another way, an illustrated fantasy which conjures a world in which archetypal characters from Greek mythology battle for dominance as Endymion, the main character attempts to wake himself from endless sleep. It is a part-epic battle, part-psychotherapeutic journey written in poetic meter as one continuous dream where Jupiter, Diana (Hekate - Artemis - Selene), Zephyrus, Hermes and Endymion wrestle with reason, fear, hope and divine inspiration.

Carl Jung created the term “active imagination” to describe a conscious method of experimentation by harnessing the creative imagination to bridge the gap with the unconscious mind with trance-like visions. This best describes how my work took shape when I was writing or should I say experiencing the first draft at the age of 27.

Thirty years later, the pandemic of 2020 resurfaced those same eternal questions about life, death and our relationship to the universe. The long hours of mandated isolation created the space to revisit my visions and decipher the symbols of that experience. I spent much of my time during those lockdowns piecing together the fragments of my writings for this publication. 

This unacted play is written in four acts and is lushly illustrated by the celebrated artist Rebecca Yanovskaya. I have also included a detailed reference section with personal commentaries and explanations on the archaic symbols and historical references used in the text and images.

I held off releasing the book so it could coincide with Percy Shelley's bicentennial this year. Shelley died in a boating accident off the Gulf of Spezia in Italy on July 8, 1822. Coincidentally, John Keats died of tuberculosis a year earlier in 1821 and of course his own version of this myth was also a great inspiration. 

Hardbound and softbound editions are available on Amazon or you can order a copy through your local independent bookshop. I will update this list as more retailers start to offer.

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